The Wild One

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When I was planning my locations I wanted to make sure I mixed up what I was shooting as I was hitting some of the same areas multiple times this year and didn’t want to burn out on them. This image is one that I captured in Colorado and when I first caught wind of this waterfall I knew I had to shoot it.

Unlike many other waterfalls in Colorado, this one is a bit hidden. There are no trails to it and no one seems to share how to get there. This made it all the more desirable for me to find!

When I arrived to where I thought the location was I found myself way to far down a very rough road asking some locals if they knew of the waterfall. When they told me they did not I thought it best to turn around and simply start hiking up into the gorges off the side of the mountain I knew the river followed.

After climbing up three very steep and long embankments through the brush (remember, no trail) I found myself extremely exhausted looking down over the edge of a very large waterfall. I was thrilled I had finally found the waterfall but it had taken me a lot of time to do so and my small window of no rain was gone.

For a number of reasons you do not want to be in a narrow gorge like this when it starts raining where you are and further up the river. The main two reasons are flash floods and rocks giving way and falling.

As it sprinkled on me I made my way back down and up the river that led to the waterfall I had been searching for. I stayed just long enough to frame up five different perspectives and then decided it was best to get on my way as the rain became steadier.

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