Morning Fog

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I captured this image the first morning I was heading up to Michigan, except this shot was taken in Wisconsin.

When I arrived to the location I was very hopeful it wouldn’t be crowded as for the long drive here I didn’t see a soul. It was taken at a pretty popular spot that I figured why not shoot as my next location was close. I got up a couple hours before sunrise and started my hour-long drive thinking it would be early enough.

As I started winding my way up the mountain I drove straight into a wall of very dense fog. After about a mile I got to the parking lot for the hike and thought to myself “there’s no possible way”, the parking lot was almost completely full.

I parked and got out with my gear, still not seeing a single person. I hiked up to the main lookout and started hearing voices and then saw the crowd. There were probably forty people sitting on the exposed cliff face just waiting for sunrise so I hiked down a little ways to another lookout. Little did I know that this lookout was very small and it too was completely full of people shoulder to shoulder with their tripods all sitting next to each other.

Not being the crowd type or the type to want the exact image everyone else has I hiked my way down the trail away from the crowd. After a short while I found an area completely void of other people and enjoyed playing around with compositions all by myself.

To no surprise there was no sunrise that morning through the fog and the fog only lifted very briefly once where you could actually see the lake below. It really didn’t matter to me though as I was enjoying the mood the fog brought and knew it would give my shot a completely different look than what I’d seen in the past.
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