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When I hike around home I do not often bring my camera gear.
A few days prior to the hike I photographed this owl on I was out hiking with my wife and kids.  We ended up heading down the wrong trail and came across a family of squirrels playing in and out of the holes in an oak tree. Watching them for several minutes was entertaining!  Eventually they ended up rolling around in a ball on a branch, rolled off the tree, landed on the ground, and ran away.
I wished I had had my camera.
The next hike I grabbed my camera with a telephoto lens and put it into my pack.
The girls and I were walking down the trail and my kids, like most kids, like to walk on the fallen trees.  I helped my oldest up and she walked down and hopped off.  At about that time my wife told me that the lady on the trail behind us saw an owl.  We spent about a minute looking and spotted it!
I had asked her how she saw the owl as I am always looking and never saw it.  She had told me that when my daughter jumped off the log we must have scared it out of the tree above us because she saw it fly from where we were.
I grabbed my camera, very happy I had it along, and grabbed some pictures.  On the way back I told my wife I wanted to spend a little more time trying to find the owl again and hopefully get a better shot of it.
When I returned to where the owl was it had moved but luckily I found it again and slowly moved myself into place to get this much closer and better shot than the one I had gotten earlier in the hike.
Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; Tyler King Art has a strict NO REFUNDS POLICY. Once a transaction has been completed (i.e., the buyer selected and paid for the photo and then Tyler King Art sent the buyer the correct photograph) it is then considered non-refundable. If a buyer has selected and purchased an incorrect photo, he/she must notify Tyler King Art, before receiving the “incorrect” photograph. Refunds will NOT be given due to “not liking a photo”, selecting an incorrect photo after the buyer has already received the photograph, or any other reason. If a mistaken photo is sent to the buyer, as documented on the invoice, Tyler King Art will send the correct photo to the buyer free of charge. If the buyer purchases an original ink drawing it can be returned at the buyers expense. The buyer will be refunded only after inspection of the art and it determined that there has been no damage to the item.
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