Ghosts of the Past

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Pulling off of the main road, my van rocked as I passed onto the gravel.  The drive I was looking for was close, all of my research pointed to it as did my gut.
I inched forward in my seat gripping the steering wheel tighter.  Excitement started to cover me like a blanket as I saw the gate and the old oaks.  I pulled off on the side of the road speechless; it was nothing like I had anticipated.
The trees were small and there were only about fifteen maybe twenty of them.  All of the signage was correct but the trees were wrong.  I grabbed my atlas and scoured the page.  Sitting there looking at the trees, disappointment sank in and I had to start planning where I was going from there.
On the page, the logical choice was to turn around and keep exploring down the road I had previously been on.  I decided to move forward on the gravel road.
Reaching back I grabbed some dried fruit and headed off.  Coming around the next bend in the road a beautiful white fence came into view.  “Could this be what I have been looking for?!”  I asked myself.
As I approached I hit the brakes and pulled off as quickly as I could.  I jumped out of the van and let out a Whoooo of pure excitement!  This was the entrance I had been after; the other must have been an older back entrance.
Having the entire area to myself, no cars passed by I took my time shooting my favorite location of the entire trip!

Ghosts of the Past is available as a limited edition of 25.

Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; Tyler King Art has a strict NO REFUNDS POLICY. Once a transaction has been completed (i.e., the buyer selected and paid for the photo and then Tyler King Art sent the buyer the correct photograph) it is then considered non-refundable. If a buyer has selected and purchased an incorrect photo, he/she must notify Tyler King Art, before receiving the “incorrect” photograph. Refunds will NOT be given due to “not liking a photo”, selecting an incorrect photo after the buyer has already received the photograph, or any other reason. If a mistaken photo is sent to the buyer, as documented on the invoice, Tyler King Art will send the correct photo to the buyer free of charge. If the buyer purchases an original ink drawing it can be returned at the buyers expense. The buyer will be refunded only after inspection of the art and it determined that there has been no damage to the item.
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